What is musicMagpie Rent?

Renting from musicMagpie is an affordable and flexible alternative to buying your Tech.

It's simple: pay low monthly payments to rent a device of your choice from us, complete with a FREE Lifetime Warranty.

When your rental agreement ends after 12 months, you can either:

1️⃣ Upgrade to a newer model

2️⃣ Keep your current device but on a cheaper rental agreement

3️⃣ Return your device and cancel your agreement

The low monthly payments make renting an affordable option than buying outright, and the ability to upgrade means you get a new device more often, too.

♻If that wasn't enough, renting is good for the planet too! Every device we rent is refurbished via a rigorous 90-point check, so you know you're getting a top-quality product. When you return your device, we'll make sure it goes to a new home.


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