How does renting work?

Renting a phone from musicMagpie is easy! Select the model you want to rent by choosing the ‘Rent’ option. We will run a quick credit check to verify your application and, if successful, we will send your phone out on a FREE express delivery service.

All rental phones come with a FREE Lifetime Warranty, which means you are covered for any technical faults.

We will also provide a free case and screen protector to protect the phone from any bumps or scrapes. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll also cover you for any Accidental Damage through our third-party insurance provider at no extra cost.

When your rental period comes to an end, you will have the option to upgrade to a newer phone, keep the same phone at a lower monthly cost, or return the phone and end your current agreement.

Please note that you are renting the phone only and not a network service. You will need to provide your own SIM card from a UK network provider to receive and make phone calls.



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