How can I change or update my payment method or payment date?

IMPORTANT: Please read before proceeding to update your details related to a rental order.

Before proceeding to update your card information on your rental order, you will first land on the Profile section of My Account:


❗ Do not update your details via the My Bank Details section at the bottom of your profile as shown below. 

❗ Changing your details here will have no effect on updating the payment information for your rental order.


With the above in mind, click on the Shopping tab and follow the below steps to update or change your card details for a rental order.

To change or update your card details or change your payment date, please follow the steps below:

👉 Head to My Account

👉 Find your rental order in your My Account section (it will look like this 👇)


👉 Click View/Track Order

👉 Then click Manage Payments

You'll then be taken to your rental account dashboard. You may need to log in again using your musicMagpie email and password. 

🔽Click here for information on updating your card details in your rental dashboard

On your rental dashboard, you must then:

👉 Scroll down to the Your Registered Cards section

👉 Click Add New Card (see below 👇)


👉Fill in your new card details and click Save

Your payment details will now be updated. Any subsequent rental payments will now be debited from your new card.

🔽Click here for information on changing your payment date in your rental dashboard

👉Head to your Payment History section

👉 Under the Change Payment Dates section, click Change (see below 👇)


👉Choose your new payment date - you can only change it by 7 days either side of your current payment date

👉Click Save

Your payment date will now be updated. Your next monthly rental payment will be debited on your new date.

🕖 If you'd like to have your payment date changed by more than 7 days, please contact our Customer Service team.



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