How do I factory reset my Nintendo Switch?

❗ Before factory resetting your Nintendo Switch console, make sure that you've backed up your saved game data so that it can be accessed via the Nintendo Switch Online Cloud. If you reset your console without backing up your data, it may be lost and unable to be recovered.

❓ Further information on backing up the data on your Nintendo Switch console can be read here

✅ Now you've backed up your data, you'll need to reset your Nintendo Switch console back to factory settings. It ensures that no data is left on it and can be processed much quicker once we receive it back.

How do I factory reset my Nintendo Switch console? 🎮

❗ In order to perform a full factory reset, access to the internet is required.

👇 To perform a full factory reset on your Nintendo Switch console, follow the steps below:

1️⃣ Switch your console on. On the HOME screen, navigate to System Settings.

2️⃣ Find and select System.

3️⃣ At the bottom of the system menu, select Formatting Options

❗ If you have parental controls set up on your console, you'll need to enter your PIN to progress.

4️⃣ Next select Restore Factory Settingson older operating systems, it might read as Initialise console.

5️⃣ Read the information and then select Next when you're ready.

6️⃣ Your Nintendo Switch will then check for an active internet connection. At this stage, your active Nintendo Switch console will be unregistered from your online account. Select Next when prompted.

7️⃣ Finally select Restore Factory Settings and wait until the console initialises. 

✅ All of your data should now be removed and ready to be returned back to us.


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