I've cracked my device. Is this covered within my warranty?

Unfortunately, our warranty does not cover accidental damage. This includes, but is not limited to,:

  • Any cosmetic damage to screens, fascias and surrounds, such as casing, including instances of discolouration, fading, scratches, cracks, chips, snaps and dead pixels.
  • Evidence of liquid damage.
  • Issues that arise due to tampering; misuse; unauthorised adjustments, or the download/implementation of unauthorised, malicious or illegal software by the owner of the device, or any third party, excluding any companies or third parties that we have a working relationship with. This includes instances of jailbreaking and network unlocking;
  • Any loss or damage to data on your device.
  • Faults that arise as a result of pairing the device with another external product. 

If a device is returned and shows signs of accidental damage, this will not be covered under our warranty and the device will be returned to you unrepaired.


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