My device is faulty. What can I do?

If the fault hasn't been caused accidentally and you bought it less than a year ago, it's likely that your device is covered by musicMagpie under our FREE 12-month warranty.

 Before returning your device, please make sure to do the following:

✅ Remove your iCloud* / Samsung** Account from your device.

✅ Remove your SIM card from your previous rental device to use in your renewal device.

✅ Any external memory cards are removed from your previous rental device.

✅ Remove your data and back it up.

❓ *For further information on how to remove your iCloud account, click here.

 **For further information on how to remove your Samsung account, click here.

👇 To return your device, please follow the below steps:

1️⃣ Head to My Account

2️⃣ Find your rental order and click View/Track Order

3️⃣ Click Return Item

4️⃣ Select your device from the dropdown

5️⃣ Choose your return reason from the dropdown

6️⃣ Click Confirm Return

🎫 You will be emailed a QR code to return your device via your nearest Post Office. Take your QR code with you and they will scan it to print a label, attach it to your box and return it back to us.

📄 Make sure to keep a copy of your tracking receipt so you can track the progress of your return.


Further information on our 12-month warranty and our certified refurbishment process can be read here.


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